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Eugene I Butikov 2005 Eur. J. Phys. 26 157-174

Parametric resonance in a linear oscillator at square-wave modulation

Eugene I Butikov
St Petersburg State University, St Petersburg, Russia

E-mail: butikov@spb.runnet.ru

Received 23 July 2004, in final form 15 September 2004
Published 14 December 2004

Print publication: Issue 1 (14 January 2005)

Abstract. The phenomenon of parametric resonance in a linear torsion spring oscillator caused by a square-wave modulation of its moment of inertia is explained and investigated both analytically and with the help of a computer simulation. Characteristics of parametric resonance and regeneration are found and discussed in detail. Ranges of frequencies within which parametric excitation is possible are determined. Stationary oscillations at the boundaries of these ranges and at the threshold conditions are investigated.