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Eur. J. Phys. 25 (16 July 2004) 535-554

Parametric excitation of a linear oscillator

Eugene I Butikov
St Petersburg State University, St Petersburg, Russia

E-mail: butikov@spb.runnet.ru

Received 25 February 2004
Published 28 May 2004

Abstract. The phenomenon of parametric resonance is explained and investigated both analytically and with the help of a computer simulation. Parametric excitation is studied for the example of the rotary oscillations of a simple linear system—mechanical torsion spring pendulum excited by periodic variations of its moment of inertia. Conditions and characteristics of parametric resonance and regeneration are found and discussed in detail. Ranges of frequencies within which parametric excitation is possible are determined. Stationary oscillations at the boundaries of these ranges are investigated. The simulation experiments aid greatly an understanding of basic principles and peculiarities of parametric excitation and complement the analytical study of the subject in a manner that is mutually reinforcing.

URL: stacks.iop.org/0143-0807/25/535
DOI: 10.1088/0143-0807/25/4/009
PII: S0143-0807(04)76708-2

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