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ISBN 1-56396-498-8
ISBN 1-56396-645-9

Single copy $100.00
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10-copy lab pack $400.00

"A very interesting and most useful program."
-Jay P. Kopp,
Loras College


Physics of Oscillations

Eugene I. Butikov
St. Petersburg State Universtity, Russia

Physics of Oscillations allows users to observe the simulations of various linear and nonlinear mechanical oscillatory systems and to obtain plots of the variables that describe the system, phase diagrams and plots of energy transformations. Plots and diagrams appear on the screen simultaneously with the motion display.

The following types of oscillations in mechanical systems are covered:

  • Free oscillation of a linear torsion spring pendulum
  • Torsion spring oscillator with dry and viscous friction
  • Free oscillations and rotations of a nonlinear rigid pendulum
  • Forced oscillations in a linear system under a sinisoidal force
  • Non-sinusoidal (square-wave) external force in a linear system
  • Parametric square-wave excitation of a linear torsion pendulum
  • Parametric resonance at sinusoidal excitation of a linear pendulum

Experiments have been designed to be plain and obvious. They provide the capability of observing repeatedly and thoroughly the fine details of phenomena that usually escape notice during direct observation. Users can widely modify parameters of the physical system and conditions. The graphic presenation of the results allow students to see and easily understand large amounts of information.

The user manual explains each of general concepts, provides a summary of the applicable theory, and offers questions, problems and suggestions for classroom application. 159 pp.

System Requirements:
Your computer system and hardware configuration should be a PC computer with the following features:

For the DOS version of the software:

  • 286 or higher CPU
  • Math coprocessor
  • Color monitor with VGA graphics adapter
  • MS-DOS Version 3.3 or higher
For the Windows version of the software:
  • 386 or higher CPU
  • Color monitor with SVGA graphics adapter
  • MS Windows 3.1 or higher
  • Printer (optional)

ISBN 1-56396-498-8
ISBN 1-56396-645-9

Single copy $100.00
High School Site License $250.00
10-copy lab pack $400.00

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"This fine package enhances the tradition of useful software published by the American Institute of Physics... The presentation is impressive and is a step up from previous packages."
Bruce King,
Australian & New Zealand Physicist
January/Febuary 1998

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